Project Description

4 pupils, £4.00 and 4 weeks

4toFortune is a programme which is delivered by Fife Council’s Economic Development team for school pupils of all ages and has been designed to allow it to be delivered at any point in the school year, providing you with a flexible approach to enterprise.

Pupils will work in teams of 4 to come up with a school enterprise idea to turn £4.00 seed money into as much money as they can in 4 weeks. Pupils will upload their teams balance sheet at the end of each week to track how much money they have both spent and made in that week.

Seed money is transferred to the school by Economic Development and is then retained by the school to be recycled by future groups of pupils, making this the ideal project to introduce a school based sustainable social enterprise!

As well as being a lot of fun, 4toFortune is linked to Curriculum for Excellence and helps to develop crucial Meta Skills such as problem solving, creative thinking, team work and decision making, all of which are highly desired by employers.

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More details here: 4toFortune Flyer 2020